Websites & eCommerce Portals

Our approach to web design touches on all aspects of the creative process and the final product is a website that allows your users to access the information quickly, and with ease. A well-designed, content-rich and a full-function website is critical for the success of any business with the returns far outweighing the investment by generating precious leads and enquiries.

We follow standards-compliant coding practices to ensure the widest possible compatibility across platforms, browsers and versions. Site navigation is a major focus area and we constantly refine the presentation of information in as intuitive a manner as possible to all kinds of users.

If you are considering revamping your site, we can help you with the makeover. We define a distinct visual theme and apply it across the site in a manner that all elements tie in together. We ensure that the content is structured for intuitive and consistent navigation and visitors find the information without any effort.

We also develop full-fledged eCommerce portals with all retailing features that include product catalog with product view, price code, check-out process, etc. along with payment gateway integration for online transactions. We are adept at all WordPress-related development, be it creating themes from scratch, customising plug-ins, deploying and maintaining WP websites. Additionally, we have sound expertise on HTML, CSS, SCSS, jQuery, JavaScript and PHP.