Every business is a digital business with a screen.

Did you know your customer is right now busy on one of the screens – laptop, mobile, tablet or the smart watch? Connect and engage with her at the right moment with our 360 degree digital communication plan. Because your customer is just a click away from your competitor. Agility is the differentiator.

About Us

Communicate. Because your business depends on it.

The team at The Communicatory comprises professionals with over three decades’ experience in the marketing communications space supported by individuals drawn from affiliated backgrounds such as graphic designing, printing, journalism, media and advertising.

At The Communicatory we develop communication material that is professional, clear and relevant. We bring to bear an integrated marketing communications approach that tells your potential customer upfront – without any ambiguity – what you stand for and why they should engage with you.

Our Services

360 degree marketing services that span every customer touch point.

Digital Marketing

Your customer is out there on Google searching for the best price. Get your product in front of her with our digital marketing expertise and coax her to click, right away.

Copy & Content Development

Don’t promote your product. Instead, tell a story on how your product is the right investment. Our copywriters have the ability to connect with your target audience with clear, and compelling stories.

Websites & eCommerce Portals

The secret of an effective website is intuitiveness; the ability to access the necessary content – informational or transactional – quickly. We understand the lifecycle of an effective website.

Brochures & Marketing Collateral

Just as newspapers are still relevant, print assets like brochures and collaterals will continue to be important to engage with customers. We deliver top class collaterals to get your brand across to the audience.

Graphic Design & Logos

An attractive and memorable logo, along with associated graphical elements, is the most important graphic element of your marketing success. Get the right look and meaning for your logo with our conceptual expertise.

Print Production

The quality of your marketing collateral goes a long way in building your credibility. Our world-class printing services and production values can make a lasting impression on your customers and competitors.

Our Clients

Enabling clients to navigate the digital quagmire successfully.

The Communicatory has worked with a wide variety of clients across industries, including enterprise software, digital media, executive search, consulting and more.